The Coming Of The Ineffable


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released November 10, 2012



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Track Name: Enormous Voracity
Enormous voracity of minority bloodline
Global oligarchy passed down since times of old from father to son
Lineage of supposed aristocracies
These lines of filthy worms dominate this earth through history untold Devoid of values
Indignant of their own race
Hateful of us all
Their only desire to rule and control the total of all human lives
Hidden are books of ancient times - Knowledge unknown
Torn apart from our souls – Denied
Contact with nature lost
We become easily controlled
Raised in institutes to believe indoctrinated fact
Ideologies constrict esoteric freedom to construct a limited world of fantasy
In mass lead to shed self-appreciation
Social dangers are all who disobey
Techniques of fear nurture man’s hate and corruption
Masters demanded to goad – An illusion of ego
Choking on enormous voracity of filthy bastards
Blind fanaticism keeps humanity in check
Freedom voraciously denied
Track Name: Developed Mass Insanity
Global state of mind set by ideas and rules
Design of corrupt select few
Maliciously develop man’s inner self into self-destructive disease
Limit views and notions - Curb free thought
Narrow perception - Thus lead unto suffering
Since childhood developed
Giving birth to emotional asphyxiation
Nurturing the sense of being insecure
Innocence is lost in the process of growing up
Living amongst the scum of this world
Mentalities are built in all types of societies
Through imitation of human nature
Images, behaviours and beliefs seep into our sub-consciousness
Yield results dependent on what each experience brings
Our character combined with our convictions
Hereditary infectious folly
Inherit mind disease
Imitate negative behaviourisms
Pass on misperceptions
Interaction - Loss of trust
Eye for an eye - All against all
Greed for the kill
Abandon our humanity
Insanity grows transmitted between us all
Thousands of years under one rule with changing forms
In our betrayed society
Track Name: Subconsciously Confined
Subconsciously confined to a situation of the mind
Creation of outside factors
As timing’s right, sensitive enough
To once again initiate self-doubt
Inside the confines of the mind
Believe things about yourself which are not real
Trapped inside insecure emotions filled with fear
Psychological oppression as you believe you'll never escape
Rape of your soul
Removed from your path
Make you forget who you really are
Make you forget who you really are
Fucked dark days crafted for us by the blind
Bombed by devious images and messages
Dupe our unsuspicious minds
We become their acquisitions
Growing fear and fake ideas lead to false perception
Form twisted mentality
Spread disease through the pack
Advancing man’s slow destruction
Track Name: Enslaved In Somnium
Dreams sacrificed by staunch of mental growth repetition ingrains
Stand in line – stamped and signed
Push play and set in repeat
Processed from inception into a form of unimaginative being
Programming walls
Enslaved – enthralled
Hypnotized, mind numbs in cubicles
Reiterate to dull the edge
Free-thinking contained
We are not meant to have our minds confined by restrictions of nine to five
Stagnant life to which resigned from cradle to the grave
Uninspired vision of reality
Tones of grey – misery
In confines no growth for creativity
Feel the strain and obey accepted consciousness
No! - Awake
Do not disturb existence of walking slumber
Lives reduced to perpetual sleep
Ill design - prevent waking inspiration
Recycled teachings sedate
Subjugate - manipulate
Do not think to speculate
Awake and be deemed a threat
Dare to challenge set ways of the mundane
Or be tied in chains of conventional thought
Trapped inside a box
Escape – create
Track Name: Ingrained Abnormality
(A prevalent disorder of victimizing youth
Repulsive fantasies ingrained)
Infectious germ born with the death of innocence
Able to infiltrate all levels of society from which none are exempt
Not friends, clergy, teachers nor bonds of blood
Inseminate contagion
Deliver malformation
Plague of impulsive deviation
Hideous manifestation of anomaly
Distortion of the perverse
Suffering that beckons ‘contaminate the pure’
Appalling delusion - Deformity of logic
A child enjoys rape and abuse
Trauma demands reenactment
To re-live and master pain
An upper hand in role reversal is the infection of the unspoiled
Victimization complete - The birth of a pedophile
Cognitive distortions
Impure urge for young flesh
Human development gone horribly wrong
Cerebral dysfunction - Traumatic progression
Inclination of sickness imprinted and ingrained
Track Name: Misconceived Superiority
These victims do not judge
They do not calculate
Nor determine their actions by name
Man’s false sense of supremacy a reversal of these traits
A misconception that man is superior
Thus inherent the right to extract suffering from beings deemed inferior
Defenseless towards ill will inflicted upon them
From a higher step of evolution
Advanced ideals should reflect respect
Regard for all forms of being
Effigies of creatures slain
Morbid thoughts of malice - Not of human or less
A monster – a freak
A contemptible being deserving their victims’ fate
Intolerable acts of hate only human beings have ability to display
Advanced mechanics of pain
No animal tortures and mistreats
Traits of blessed humanity
Humanity inhumane
Unspeakable cruelty purely of man’s design
Viciousness that comes hand in hand with being a creature evolved
Track Name: Towers Of Disillusion
High above they gaze down upon an undeserving caste
Unwilling slaves – we think we are heard
Too bad we’ve all been had
Our real interests ignored
Left behind and below
Behind and below
From towers above they piss on us all
Demand compliance to their decrees
High agenda must guide
Kneel down to masters and bite your tongue
Bow down and eat shit
Mountains of skeletal corpses pile
Foundations for those above - Towers of the corrupt
Structures cast shadows upon the bottom class
Starve and rot furthermore - The middle slowly removed
Screams echo silence as cries go unheard
Worthless, mute tools of the ascended few
Shake the foot of this structure
May your silence be soundly heard
From below
Track Name: Patterns Of Hatred
Miserable jealous thoughts
Depreciate and criticize
Reject recognition of foreign feats
Utterly blinded by fear of failure
Insecure, thus you deny to accept the achievements of others
Brainless egoist denying severalty
Why compare yourself to someone else?
Self-criticism never achieved
Stuck in the hole that you must always be first and best
Refusal of other people’s success
Envious thoughts corrupt
Giving process to patterns of hatred
So fake to yourself – So fake to all
Twisted face coward - Total lack of dignity
Unreal with obstinate approach
Always pleased by another man’s fall
Embrace hypocrisy
Pretend to be something you’re not
Fueling patterns of hatred
Blueprints that divide
Track Name: Dehumanization By Hellfire
Sacrifice of billions
Evil test – Human nature
Immunized templates of death
An act of mass killing
Destroy the whole of Earth
Endless stream of plutonium energy
Strategic defense – Pay the price
Vomit your entrails from inside
Biological delusions of grandeur
Hellfire blast of neutron radiation
Cleansed by flame
Backwards mutant malformation
Burn our filth away
Dehumanization by hellfire
Human flesh burnt
Atomic warheads – Man made death
Earthquakes and poison – Nullification
The ground splits
Schizoid disease
Ending in pain – Agony
Suffering our catalyst
Weapons evolve towards extinction
Mutate and suffer radiation blast of reverse evolution
Track Name: The Coming Of The Ineffable
Genesis event horizon
All continuums erased
Planets and suns consumed
Mass collapsed onto itself
Space-time singularity
Expanding it devours all
(Until) finally there is nothing
Expunged from existence
Swallowed by a black hole
Final conclusion unseen
Galaxies vanished to the unknown
Inside the belly of a supermassive beast
Forgotten by space and time
To be what never was
Cosmic matter accreted to the abyss
The coming of the ineffable end